Middle School Curricula:

You Are Unique - Choosing Abstinence, Because I'm Worth It!

Recommended for students ages 12-15

This program gives adolescents clear, accurate information on the emotional and physical risks of premarital sex as well as the benefits of sexual abstinence.

Students are provided the tools necessary to resist peer pressure and encouraged to view themselves and others with respect as a motivation for choosing abstinence.

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Abstinence for Teens:

Recommended for students ages 13–17

This age-appropriate presentation helps teens see the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity -- and build skills for maintaining abstinence once they've chosen it as their strategy for STD and pregnancy prevention.

Adolescents learn how to identify ways they might be pressured to have sex and how to stand up to pressure. An exploration of the potential consequences of sexual activity supports a decision to be abstinent.

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Recommended for 8th graders.

This curriculum uses true stories to help students along life’s journey. Practical instruction helps students identify their future goals, such as marriage and family, and avoid obstacles such as sexual activity and other risk behaviors that could keep them from achieving their goals.

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Aspire - Live your life. Be free.

Recommended for grades 9-10.

Aspire encourages students to seek their future goals, including educational and financial success, as well as healthy future marriage and family life.


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