Teachers Comments

It has been a privilege to have Renee Williams come and speak to my students at Thompson High School.

She brings energy and fun into a sometimes difficult curriculum to cover with 10th graders.

Renee is extremely informative and doesn’t sugar coat the truth concerning STD’s and emotional consequences of sex at an early age. She gives students the opportunity to think about the reasons about why they would want to wait to have sex.

She is highlight for my students every semester and we love having her come and speak.

Ellen Fleisher

Health Teacher

Thompson High School


S.A.F.E. is a wonderful part of our health curriculum. The students appreciate so much having the presenter be open, honest and frank about issues related to their future. They are made aware of the possible good and bad consequences of their decisions when it comes to having sex. It is a life-altering five days for my students that helps them overcome many of the negative pressures they are faced with as young teenagers. I can’t say enough good things about this program to do it justice.

Devon Hind

Health Teacher

Hoover High School


Thank you so much for sending your team to McAdory Middle to talk to our 6th grade students about “changes.” Your staff was very professional and well-prepared, and I could not have asked for a better experience. I look forward to having you out again in the future!

Cortney McKinney

Guidance Counselor

McAdory Middle School


S.A.F.E. is essential elements to our curriculum here at Hueytown. The curriculum is presented in a manner that engages the minds and thoughts of each and every student. A must have for any Health Education class.

Mark Stephens

Health Teacher

Hueytown High School


S.A.F.E. has provided our students with the Choices, Changes and You Are Unique programs over the past several years. They share information that allows the students to hear accurate and factual information so they will be prepared as their bodies mature. Since middle school is a time when many changes are taking place, this is a vital program for our students.

Kelly Wallis

Guidance Counselor

Hueytown Middle School


The SAFE program is an outstanding program designed to help the students understand relationships, sex and some of the repercussions of their decisions.  It is good to have experts in the field come and talk to the students and give real life examples of bad decisions.  The speakers do a good job of relating to the students and understanding the teenage mindset.  I highly recommend all schools implement this program.  

Sean Ahonen

Health Teacher

Spain Park High School


 SAfE has been coming to our school for the last 7 years. The program and staff are excellent at presenting difficult material in an informative and understandable way. The information is conferred is such a way as to allow the students to come to their own conclusions. We love having Renee speak to our students and can't wait to see her again next year!


Hunter Gray

Health Teacher

Indian Springs School


Our school is very appreciative of the staff & volunteers from S.A.F.E.   We schedule the S.A.F.E. program each year because they teach valuable lessons to our students. We hope that the program will always be available.

Stephanie Holcomb

Guidance Counselor

Liberty Park Middle School


Thanks so much for sending us representatives from S.A.F.E.  The presentation was age appropriate for our 6th and 7th grade students.  Our students learned a wealth of information regarding puberty, abstinence, and sexual health.  In the days following the program, several students flashed for me the "Abstinence: Because I'm Worth" card to let me know they were serious about the program and the information they learned. We look forward to continuing the S.A.F.E. program at our school.


Leslie Banks-Walker

Guidance Counselor

Green Acres Middle School



I am so thankful that SAFE presents the Changes program to my school’s fifth graders each year.  The presenters do an excellent job of making the students feel comfortable while providing them with valuable and necessary information. This organization is a great resource for schools!

 Betsy Vega

Guidance Counselor

Gresham Elementary